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Monday, November 19, 2007


I thought I'd add a few new items from my "favorite finds" in the past week or so today as well. I know I just posted a note about Kenidi below in an earlier blog from today but I thought you guys might enjoy these new finds too. From tough girl charm, you'll find these adorable phrase tee's that read "dangerous beauty, more gutsy than girly, gorgeous packaging, tough girl charm, etc. They range in price from $26 to $32 for the long sleeved tees. You can purchase them here: Up next, shown below in the gorgeous fuchsia color is another one of my Tar-jay (Target) finds. A girlfriend of mine had one of these on at our Football Moms dinner out the other night and it looked so great up against her skin color. This coat is stunning on and only draws a $39.99 price tag. It's also available in black and white as well if you prefer. Too too cute!
I love little sock monkeys. I don't know why...but I do. I got Kenidi one a while back ago and she loves hers. Her little monkey is her best friend. She vacations with us, eats with us, goes to school with her, etc. Therefore, I thought I'd post some cute ones I ran across recently. You can purchase these first two by clicking here: These would look adorable hanging out of a stocking at Christmas. I love this one above because she incorporated the skull and crossbones into the fabrics and still made it girly! Love that!These multi colored monkey's shown below can be found here:

Speaking of socks, all the rage this season for little girls are the baby leg warmers or better known as HUGGALUGS. (shown below) I bought some leg warmers for Kenidi from the Gap and just love them with leggings and a funky little sweater dress. The online store for the brand of HUGGALUGS can be found here: However, the leg warmers for kids are popping up all over this year. You can find them just about anywhere and in any style or design.

Lastly, I am a big fan of the ED HARDY brand. I love his tee's, his shoes, especially the boots, the jeans, etc. Here are some cute but way out there funky slip one shoes for the season. These go great with a good pair of jeans and an ED HARDY tee. Did I mention that they make these in kids sizes as well? Yeap, little Kenidi Grace sports her own pair too. They are easy to slip on over her orthodic inserts. has a great selection of Ed Hardy shoes you can purchase by clicking here:

Hope you found something of interest. If not, check back for the next Must have Monday. Surely we are bound to locate something of your flavor. Have a great week!


Blogger PamperingBeki said...

I am only popping in here for a second, but I LOOOOOOVE anything Ed Hardy. Love it. Great taste. :)

11/24/2007 8:38 PM  

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