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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


HINT: Our team was the home team. AND YES, WE WON!!!

We are headed to the SUPERBOWL this Saturday. Stay tuned for the outcome of it. We can't wait! I'll leave you with some photos of our playoff game from tonight until the big Superbowl game this weekend.

Kenidi doing her touchdown dance for her brother!

As coach McCoy has reminded us this season....there is a target on our back. A BIG ONE! Let's see if our boys can dodge that target one more time and win the superbowl this coming Saturday!


A big thanks to Melissa and her sister for the football helmet signs and the balloons for each player! Thanks to Amber for the happenin' horns. We were a forced to be wreckened with on the sidelines tonight because of those things. The noise level and the support from the parents was the best and LOUDEST ever. I'm looking forward to our "decorating of the boys mailboxes" party Friday night with all of you other Team Moms. I'm sure it'll be a blast.

Several other really big thanks to my My Dad & Step-Mom, My Mom, My Mother in law, my sister & brother and law, my nieces Abby, Ally, and new nephew Carter, my Brother in law Brad, and our dear friends Tamara, Joe, and their son Derek (Brennen's best bud) for coming to support Brennen tonight in his final playoff game of the season. (especially to Derek for him spending his birthday on the football sideline routing on his buddy Brennen!!!) I can't wait for Saturday! Until then, keep sending those good luck/winning vibes!

PS...Sorry...I know this was supposed to be "wordless" Wednesday but I was too excited and just couldn't help myself when it came to this post! :)


Anonymous Jennifer McCarty said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Brennen
Hope your doing well Ang.
Love ya

10/10/2007 10:45 AM  
Anonymous Kim Piercefield said...

Hi Angie,

Congratulations! Seth's team went to the Super Bowl last year and it was a lot of fun. Enjoy!
Kim P.

10/10/2007 10:46 AM  
Anonymous Jenny Daming (Mears) said...

Great game last night! Your boys ROCKED!! Good luck Sat. it will be AWESOME! love ya girl

10/10/2007 10:49 AM  
Anonymous Krissie Broaddus (Freers) said...

YOU WON!!!!!!!CONGRATS BRENNEN & TEAM!! WAY TO GO!! WATCH OUT..HERE THEY COME FOR THE "BIG" GAME!! Best of luck on Sat. to the boys!! I sure wish I could be there! Nice job, I know your so excited, & I am for ya as well!! ttys, LY.

10/10/2007 10:50 AM  
Anonymous Julie Ann Blackman said...

Good Luck Brennen and teammates! You deserve it!

P.S. to the Moms...I do hope someone can get "Rocky Top" to play when the guys come on the field. That will really get them going! :)

10/10/2007 11:10 AM  
Anonymous Beth Ransom said...

How exciting!!!

We'll be anxiously waiting to hear about the outcome. Either way, they should be very proud of their accomplishments!

Thanks for sharing, and GOOD LUCK!


10/10/2007 3:23 PM  
Anonymous Shannon Pokorny said...

Hey girl ~
Glad you guys won! I'll keep em goin up! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Love ya!

10/10/2007 7:07 PM  

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