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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Yeap...that is correct...handbags. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much of a "fetish" I have for a good and funky handbag. I'm always on the hunt for the ones that stand out from the rest or really POP when it comes to catching the eyes of a female. In my opinion, a woman can NEVER have too many handbags. Therefore, I thought...why not give them a whirl. We've done jewelry, we've done boutique clothes, now lets try our hand at a few eclectic and distinctive handbag designs.'ll start to see me introduce a new bag here and there along with the current jewelry and clothing designs I create. This first design is a trendy bad that screams "Fall." I love the colors, patterns, and fabrics throughout it. There are hot pink tones, browns, turquoise shades, olive, mint, grass green, yellows, etc. It's a large bag - one which the size is not completely shown in the photos we captured. It's much more vibrant and substantial in size than what the pictures do it justice. With this first bag, we decided to leave a raw rag edge along the fabrics so that they will fray overtime. This is an intentional look that will give my trademark "decoupage" appearence to the bag as the fraying process continues. Who wants a bag from a department store that hundreds of other women are already carrying when you can get your hands on boutique style bags that leave other women wondering....
"Where did she get that?"
To purchase this bag, feel free to check any of our locations (eBay, website, or ETSY) beginning Thursday, October 25th. The bags will be listed in each of those locations as we complete them. Lastly, I have a new jewelry set to list as well. It can be found by going to our online boutique or to ETSY as well. Enjoy!


Anonymous Tammy Newton said...

OMGoodness girl, you never seem to stop!!!! where on earth do you get your energy???? I LOVE the new bags, good luck with them! I need to check them out, I am just now getting into more stuff, just bought me a cute purse (haven't bought one in YEARS, what a sin, huh? hehehe) anyway, it's pink and brown toile, really cute.

hope all is well with you and your family!
Tammy Newton

10/25/2007 12:56 PM  
Blogger PamperingBeki said...

Oh goodness, I LOOOVE that purse! Great job. :)

I haven't stopped in for awhile. I'm glad to see you still rolling.

10/29/2007 9:41 AM  

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