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Saturday, October 13, 2007


It's finally here. After almost three months of hard work, determination, team work and true fight....we are here. My handsome stud of a son and his fellow stud-meisters (teammates) are going to the football superbowl this afternoon!!! It is an honor that is only possible once you've beaten all the teams and then beaten them again. It's an honor that is only possible once you've set your mind to it and fought hard throughout the WHOLE season - not just a game here or there. It's an honor that is given to only the "best of the best" and we are part of the
B-E-S-T! The team we are playing today (Mississippi State) is another great well deserving team. In the end, the best team takes home the prize. However, in my opinion, all of the teams are winners. These 8 and 9 year old boys have played harder this season than anything I've ever witnessed in any other sport that Brennen has been involved in. A lot of that drive was instilled in them by their incredibly talented head coach, Mr. Scott McCoy and his coaching staff...Roy Bauer and Vaughn Williams. We have been truly blessed this year with phenomenal and very talented coaches. The success of Brennen's team proves that. Did I mention that Coach McCoy ALSO took home the Superbowl title last year too? I'm guessing he is getting ready to hit "legendary status" here soon. GO COACH! Seriously though, I've single handedly sat along the sidelines and watched these coaches turn these boys into "football players." Some of these kids had never even played football in a league before. Now look...during their rookie year they land straight in the Superbowl. AWESOME!
As I sit here this morning in anticipation of the big game today, I realize it's just that a big "game." Would I love to see my son and his team take home the Superbowl championship title today? Oh you betcha! However, in the end, win or lose, I wouldn't have wanted him on any other team in that league other than the one he is on. I'm just so very proud of every one of them. No matter who wins today...they've allowed us parents to have more fun with them this season than anything I can remember thus far. Last night, all of us Moms got together after dark and went on a secret mission. Yeap...a secret SUPERBOWL mission. We hit every players house late last night and decorated each of their mailboxes with footballs, balloons, candy and goodies inside, streamers, signs, etc. We had a blast~! It was such a hoot. After we had completed our mission we topped off our late night with an 11pm dinner of hot soup and rolls at good ol' O'Charleys restaurant. Ha ha! Here are some photos of our mission at hand....front and center....

This was my car load of Moms that I transported....too fun ladies~!!!
Then, here is a shot of the rewards we reaped from our secret mission...Brennen discovering his loot this morning at about 7:30am - fresh out of bed beaming with excitement.

It's approximately 9:45am right. Our superbowl kickoff is at 2pm this afternoon. I'm off to finish getting everything together and ready for the big moment. Following the game, win or lose, we are attending a post party celebration and will be watching the superbowl rebroadcast on our local cable tv station. Yes, they are televising it. A local business man has paid a substantial amount of money for these boys game to be aired on local TV. How cool is that??? They've hired real announcers for the game and will be playing on the highschool football field for the big game. The boys are ready! So are we! Stay tuned for the outcome of the game this evening or tomorrow morning. I will also post photos of the post game party as well as shots of the SURPRISE Brent and I have instore for the coaches as a gratitude gift. It's going to be a great day! I know the good Lord already has the winner of this game determined. I'm going along for the ride and the fun of it all no matter what team comes out on top. Thanks Brennen....for teaching Mommy that I CAN love the game of football.




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