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Monday, January 25, 2010


You had to know that I couldn't stay mum about the COLTS victory last night over the NY JETS. I'm so very sorry but it just isn't in me. I apologize now to all of my New York blog readers as well as to anyone else who might be a JETS fan. It's all in good fun, eh? Us Hoosiers had been waiting for the JETS to come back to town after that win that we "HAD" to give them a couple of weeks ago. We owed them a good butt kickin'! And although the COLTS gave me a bit of a scare in the beginning of the game, I decided to work work thru it by focusing on my laptop rather than the game during that stagnant part. :) However, in good faith, like they always do...the COLTS game back to show the JETS who was REALLY boss.

Peyton and the rest of the BLUE gang always manage to pull thru and this season was no different. I was so jealous of my Dad and Cathy who were at the game last night. My Dad said they had a great time. I knew they would. It was just another moment when I wished I had been "home." The town of Indy undoubtedly went crazy after the win last night as they are known for. Our downtown Indianapolis knows how to PAR-TAY after wins such as those. Then, the community bleeds blue and white for days/weeks afterward. I can only imagine what it looks like back home as they begin to prepare for our 2nd Superbowl in Miami. YAY FUN!

The really cool thing that the COLTS not only won but the SAINTS won last night as well. I'm sure some of you "might" remember me mentioning Coach Sean Payton here on the blog before. If you click HERE, there is a really old post that speaks of him. If you are long time blog followers, you might remember the post. Sean is the head coach of the New Orleans Saints and he is also married to our old neighbors sister. (long of the short, he is our old neighbors brother in law) Therefore, we got to spend a few brief moments with Sean a couple of times when he'd be next door visiting. Brent spent some time with him and our neighbor downtown after the football Combine in Indianapolis a few years back and ever since then, we've been rooting for him and the SAINTS to go all the way as well. He has been very good to send Brent and Brennen autographed SAINTS gear from time to time too. We've greatly appreciated his generosity in that area. With that said, we knew that their family would have a ball if the SAINTS and the COLTS ever went head to head in the Superbowl together. So...we've been keeping our fingers crossed for them that the end result would be as it is. The blue and the gold going for the Superbowl title in Miami. And speaking of Miami, it is only an hour away from us here in Naples. I've considered heading down there just for the mere thought of some good photos ops the day of the Superbowl itself. Should any of you run across tickets, let us know. What fun that would be! Typically they are so hard to come by though. I know when the COLTS went to the Superbowl last time, it was tough for anyone to get tickets and if you got them, you paid an arm and a leg for them. :(

So...way to go COLTS and way to go SAINTS. I can't wait for February 7th to roll around. What a great game this is going to be. And in case you are wondering...even though we like Coach Peyton in this house...

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints

We WILL be rooting for our Indianapolis COLTS to win the Superbowl title. And lastly, my stepmom (Cathy) sent me this photo below this morning. She took it last night while they were at the game. I thought I'd share it here. If any of you missed it, they stretched this flag out while Jordin Sparks was singing our National Anthem at the game. Then, they released a bald eagle to fly over the flag during the song. It was an amazing sight to see. Very, very cool. It really gave me chills to watch it. We live in an incredible country...

Happy Monday. xoxo, Angie

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Anonymous Aunt Sharla said...

Angie, boy the Superbowl could be tough to watch for your friendship with the Saints Coach is always a good one to have. I'm sure you'll be rooting for Colts but also give credit where credit is due as far as the Saints performance in the Superbowl. I'm jealous that Kathy and Tony got to go but happy for them. I'm sure the emotions where unexplainable. I went to the Pep Rally before the game and it was AWESOME. But the Eagle flying in the Stadium and the American flag being rolled out makes me S O O O proud to be both an American and to have our own (awesome) NFL team here in INDY to enjoy it all. Hey, can you send me a copy of the FLAG picture that you posted on this Blog ? I wasn't able to copy if from your blog. Kiss Brennen and Kenidi kisses and hugs from Aunt Sharla and tell Brent and Sue I said hello. LYFA

1/25/2010 1:21 PM  
Anonymous MaDonna Sue Hasty said...

Angie, although I could not take the pressure of the whole game, I did sneak back and forth on Both games. I got to the point with the Vickings and the Saints, to where I almost wanted the Vickings to win just because the Saints were kicking the heck out of Favre, and I didn't want to think about what they might do to Manning in the Superbowl. Some players get to dirty for their own good when it comes down to the Superbowl. On another note though, I think it is Awesome that Perton Manning's Father played for the Saints years ago. He was one great player, but at that time the Saints were such a bad team that He went down with the team, being called the aints instead of the Saints. They were called the losingest team in the world at that time. Archie never got any recognition for being the great player. Now he will get to, see his Sons go down in History as two of the greatest players ever. God does truely have a plan. So Go Colts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You raised two great Sons Archie!

1/25/2010 2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is great! "Drew" Orleans, Lou-"Brees"-iana and our Colts!!

And Drew played for Purdue!
All the ties to Indy and Lousiana that these teams both have are going to make for great pre-game talks!

I'm rooting on Colts! I just hope it doesn't rain this year on them! LOL!!

1/26/2010 8:10 AM  

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