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Sunday, June 01, 2008


Just wanted to pop on today and say that my wonderful server is down again today on the blog. Thus, all photos are having to be uploaded in a funky way again. Hopefully, it will be fixed again soon. This seems to be a common occurrence lately and I'm beginning to get quite frustrated with blogger and its constant issues.

In a nutshell, I had an overwhelming response to the AGD girls weekend. Many of you are interested and have emailed me through the blog or privately to let me know that you'd love to hear more about the plans. I must admit that we were leaning toward either Canton in Texas or South Florida in the beginning. In the end though, the votes or request for a beach somewhere in Florida outweighed the voting for Texas. So...I need to know how many of you are truly interested in partaking in this girls weekend event now that it will be held in Florida. Reason being, I've contacted a couple of hotels in Naples and the Bonita Springs area about getting a group rate or a discount for a certain amount of rooms if we should get enough of you to participate. Please email me or post here on the blog and let me know if this event is something you would "FOR SURE" want to do. Once we get an approximate number of participants, we'll get a better idea for what kind of rates we'd get for the hotel rooms.

Secondly, the date we are looking at is September 26th-28th of this year. That is a Friday through Monday. Airtran airlines is running some great rates on plane tickets right now into south Florida during that weekend. The ones I found thus far are coming in at "under" $200 a person. Of course that might vary some depending on what state you are flying out of. is a great site to purchase your airline tickets through. Brent and I use them for every trip we book. We are looking at rooms right downtown on or around 5th avenue in Naples as well as rooms a few minutes away from the beach in Bonita Springs so that we can get a good variety of price ranges. We want EVERYONE who can attend, to be able to. Therefore, we are trying to locate accommodations that will be conducive to all budgets.

A little bit about Naples in case you've never been....plain and simply's gorgeous. I love to refer to it as a "little Beverly Hills." The ambiance there and the night life are the best of the best. There are many boutique shops - fun and funky - eclectic and trendy - etc. that line the streets of downtown Naples. This particular area also houses some of the best dining facilities around. The beach is steps away and therefore we'd literally have everything at our fingertips. If we chose to stay in the Bonita Springs area where we could get cheaper hotel rates, we'd be 5 minutes away from the beach and 10 minutes from downtown Naples. We would also be like 2 minutes from the ever famous Coconut Point mall that we all know I love and adore so much. HA HA! They too have an excellent selection of dining and hot spots.
Bottom line, we CAN pull this off. I had no idea I'd get the response I did from you guys about this gathering. Many of you have emailed me recently and even said "Hey...what is going on with the AGD girls weekend? Any news as of yet?" Thanks for being so interested and for those of you who offered to help out with the planning. If there are any of you willing to be on our little planning committee for the event, post your names here on the blog. We'll need help with plenty of things so I'm sure we'll have an array of jobs to distribute if you should want to help us.
Lastly, start talking to your good girlfriends. Ask them if they want to join you and come along. Even if they aren't bloggers, they'll still have a great time. We are encouraging everyone to invite as many people as they'd like. The more the merrier. Same goes with all of my girlfriends, football Moms, etc. back here at home with me. Come if you can! We'd love to have you guys.
Stay tuned...


Blogger Grace said...

I am 100 % in!!! For me it's just a rode trip so FL is perfect. Even though I live here, it's not every day I get to enjoy all that FL has to offer.Sometimes I forget how beautiful and peaceful the beach is having it right here at my finger tips.
I would love to also be on the planning committee. I am a theme girl and a bargain hunter!!!-I will email some ideas I have...sooo excited!!!

6/01/2008 7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello!! Kathy in TN again! (I really need someone to show me how to get a sign on name instead of being anonymous all the time!) If I can get all of my family logistics worked out, count me in!

6/01/2008 7:52 PM  
Blogger Heidi Zawisza said...

I am sure you can count me in as long as all the
"logistics" work out!! Keep posting the details!
On another note though, I am on that farm I told you about, and IT IS A PHOTAGRAPHERS PARADISE!! I need you to meet me here with your mac daddy camera and your SKILLZ for some photo shoots........HA! HA! HA!
Anyways, I would LOVE to share some of my pics with you when I am there a better way to send some to you?
My grandparents internet is TERRIBLE, and so I can't get to my email to send pics (because my laptop where my pics are stored is UNUSABLE here...), but when I get to Des Moines next week, I will have access again....
Have a great week! (I don't know when I will be able to actually send them....but I will if you want to look!!
You can email me from my blog I think!!)

6/01/2008 8:46 PM  
Anonymous Melinda said...


I am very interested and if it works out that I can juggle my schedule and kids, I would love to help out with the planning:)
What airport would we fly into??
Hope your home showing went well.


6/01/2008 9:23 PM  
Blogger Angie (Angelica Grace Designs) said...

Hi guys. So glad to hear you are up for this. Melinda, the airport that you'd fly into is the Ft. Myers airport. The airport code is "RSW" when looking for pricing online.

Hope this helps. I'll be in touch with more details in the coming days! This is going to be a blast! We are all going to have an absolute ball!
Blessings, Angie

6/01/2008 9:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to do this so BAD, but I'm too broke to pay for the trip. I'm sad/mad/ticked

6/01/2008 10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Angie, I'm in! I vote for Naples since I live here. If you need "eyes and ears" here in the area, count me in to help out! Sounds like tons of fun!

6/02/2008 10:20 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

WOW!!! I am so excited! I would LOVE to go. Hey, by the way, this is Donna from Lake of the Ozarks, MO. I am a big fan of your boutique. Keep me informed:)

6/26/2008 6:35 PM  

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