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Sunday, May 25, 2008


We are moments away from the start of the Indianapolis 500 race. Beings that I live here, amongst all of the hype, you can't help but enjoy the "flavor" that the race brings to Indiana each May - race fan or not. As a young girl, I grew up hanging out at the race track with my Dad each May. I remember pit passes, hot days, sites that were probably sore eyes for a young child at times, but oh so much fun either way. Fortunately for my Dad, he is married to my Step-Mom who happens to be employed by Rolls Royce Allison. Instead of battling the stands now, they get to enjoy suite passes, great food, and tons of fan fair in an air conditioned environment there now. For years my Dad was even given police escorts to the track - in and out - but that is a whole other story. Let's just say that my Dad has always been known for getting all of the "hook ups" when it comes to perks in life. He has more Sheriff friends than I can count and why wouldn't he? Everyone loves my Dad! Really. They just do! Including me - especially.
Either way, my family and I will be listening to the race poolside today. We have some visitors coming over and I plan to do nothing but veg out and root for Danica Patrick all the way.
So - good luck to each and every driver participating. In the end though, as the checkered flag blows in the wind on that last lap, I hope it is Danica ROCKIN' across that finish line!

GO D.P.!!! You da' girl! :)


Blogger MamaMia said...

Race is over now, but Danica was my girl and Marco was my boy.

Bummed for Danica...she was doing a great job hanging in there.

5/25/2008 5:12 PM  

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