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Saturday, May 10, 2008


The Mother's Day Fairies came to visit me early this weekend. See...I'm married to a man that cannot stand to "wait out" surprises. Now he has created a son that is the same way. Brent and Brennen both have this need to give gifts wwwaaaayyyyyy earlier than the scheduled day because they are just busting with excitement. Christmas is a constant battle every year because if it were up to the two of them, we'd be opening all gifts starting back in November rather than the morning of December 25th. Therefore, last night after we stood in the pouring rain and 50 degree weather during one of Brennen's football games, and had some great Mexican food for dinner to warm us all back up after getting soaked, we headed home. Before my toosh even got out of the car, the two of them were already inside the house undoing my gifts for me. They proceeded to sing "Happy Mother's Day" to me and I loved it. They were both so incredibly excited. Kenidi sat there smiling from ear to ear with all of her excitement as well. Her and I got a good laugh at their singing skills. Hee hee! :)
Speaking of Kenidi, this was her homemade gift (shown in the picture above) to me that they made in school last week. It's on the counter in the kitchen now. LOVE IT!
This gorgeous heart pin above is what my handsome son made me in art class this week. I ssooooo love the craftiness of this. It reminds me of a cross necklace I already house in my jewelry box that has buttons glued to it just like this heart does. He's definitely my son. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!
But I'd have to say the one of my most treasured gifts that the Mother's Day Fairy brought to me was this sentimental book that Brennen made me. I've read it over and over about 100 times now today already. The photo above shows a page within the book that reads....
~Outstanding with me
~Terrific at doing things
~Helpful with my homework
~Everybody loves her
~Really nice
All of those letters in each of those first few words read like this:
= M.O.T.H.E.R
The next page in the book (shown above) is a family poem according to Brennen and it reads like this:
Caring, moving, helpful,
loving to me,
pink clothes, and chocolate
love to are family,
a famous clothes model,
***I must say that I love the fact that he thinks I'm a "FAMOUS" clothes model. Ha ha! I wish! I think he meant to write "Famous" clothes designer. Either way, I sssooooo love that I am in "famous" in his eyes. Wink! ;) I also love that when he thinks of me he thinks of "pink clothes and chocolate." HA! That's me alright. That is definitely his Mom. Pink clothes and chocolate.
This page above reads:
I'd like to thank my Mother for: Everything
If I could, I've give my Mother: $100000000$$$$
The most important thing my Mother does for me: Gives me love & hugs XOXOXO
The most special times with my Mother are: After school
I can tell my Mother cares by the way: She loves me
The things I do that make my Mother happy are: Give her love
My Mother enjoys being a Mother most when she: happy with me
My Mother looks prettiest when: She's prettie all the time
I like being with my Mother most when: All the time
With love, Brennen Seaman
***By the time Brennen was finished reading this book out loud to me, I was balling. The final page (shown above) read like this:

Dear Mother,

Thank you for everything you have done for me. Thanks for being there for me all of the time. Thank you for all of the things you give to me. You are the best Mom ever. And Happy Mother's Day.

Your son, Brennen

***Needless to say, I should buy stock in Kleenex's after the week I've had and after I was finished crying following Brennen's book that he made and read to me out loud. That one thing in itself that he made me, confirmed my whole week and confirmed why I do what I do for my kids. His words confirm why any Mother does what she does for her kids. It is just who we are. Again, we are prepared for the fight of our lives. This Mother's Day just reinforced that fight. Lastly, the Mother's Day Fairy must have been listening-or reading rather-my blog when I hinted a few weeks back that I'd love to own a Nikon 70-300mm Zoom Telephoto lens. When Brent pulled this out of the camera bag and handed it to heart skipped a beat. Razzi (my camera) and I, were beyond ecstatic. I can't wait to break this bad girl out and attach her to the front of my camera just to see what she is made of. The Mother's Day fairies spoiled me. Before I signed off, just wanted to also post a picture of Brennen and his artistic masterpiece that I found he had drawn on the driveway last week. I love this shot - I love the shadows that as a photographer, are normally a No-No. I love the grainy look of the picture itself which is also a No-No in the photography world. Mainly, I love the arm and leg of my adorable son as he is walking over top of his creation. It was a fluke thing and a total accident. He walked in front of my camera as I took the shot. When I went back through all of the pictures, I found that I like him in the picture with the drawing better than I what I did with the chalk writing just by itself. This photo reflects childhood, the importance of unconditional and genuine love, blessings of a healthy body-healthy legs, arms, etc. within a poignant picture - something most of us take for granted on a daily basis. It represents warmth, springtime, summer nights in the neighborhood, and represents

"parenting and its finest moments."

Stay tuned - stay close by - thre are more of these fine moments as a parent and as child as well to come tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day to each and every one of you out there. Keep doing what you do best and keep relishing in all that God chose you for.


Blogger Katie said...

How neat! Your son is so cute and sweet. You could be a fashion model. You have the cutest clothes, I want to go to your garage sale!! (lol) no seriously! (lol)

5/10/2008 11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, its Payton's mom-Kathy! What amazing gifts, the words from Brennen are so sweet-I teared up reading them! I'm with Katie, I also want to be invited to the garage sale of the "famous clothes model"! I am a fashion emergency waiting to happen and I love your style! or someday I will hire you to dress me! Happy Mothers Day!

5/11/2008 4:15 PM  

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