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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Bargain alert ~ bargain alert....
Tar-jay' (Target) has some of their note cards on clearence this week. I found a few of the ones featured above for $2.78 a pack. Yes, $2.78 a pack. Gotta love a good bargain when you stumble upon it, eh?

These cards & stationary that you see pictured above are the highlight to my day today. They arrived via the fed ex man this afternoon. I have a ton of thank you notes to write out on behalf of our family regarding the past weeks events and thus why I had been anxiously awaiting these spunky and oh so funky sets. These personalized cards came from to target and get you some of those thank you cards that are on clearence shown above before they are all gone. As I've said before, one can never invest in too many thank you notes. Especially when they are as fun and sassy as these! :)
Much love, Angie


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