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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Well, schools out for the summer and the teacher let the monkeys out. My monkeys - that is!
For a fun treat, I took Brennen & Kenidi to Cold Stone creamery after school this afternoon in order to celebrate their hard work this year at school. Brennen had a little chocolate cake batter ice cream with cookie dough pieces in it and Kenidi ate their regular vanilla cake batter ice cream. If you aren't familiar with Cold Stone or don't have one near you, find the closest one - even if it requires driving out of state - and just go there. Their flavors and the soft creamy ice cream that they offer are the next best thing this side of heaven.Best of all...I just engulfed all of the stories from Brennen pertaining to his last day, their pizza party the teacher threw for them, the 5 recesses he claims he got today, and so forth. As far as Kenidi goes, I watched her eating her ice cream and marveled at how far she has come in a year. Last year this time, she wasn't even feeding herself. Although she still struggles with the strength and the coordination to keep the food on the utensil, she is definitely managing. This is big progress since last summer. Praise God!
ABOVE: Her doe-eyed look gets me every time!
ABOVE: Brennen savoring every last lickABOVE: I played around with this picture in my photo editing program. I love the "old diner feel" that the color contrast gave off in this look. She looks like a setting straight out of the 1960's era somewhere.
ABOVE: And last but not on earth can you resist this handsome young man we like to call "The B-Ster?" Back up - wait a minute - he reminds me that it is the "BIG" B-Ster!
Summer has started - let the fun begin!!!
PS...Let this be a world record for the amount of posts I have ever done on this blog in one day. This was the last one for now. Until tomorrow, have a fantabulous night!


Blogger Sara said...

Okay, first you know I love all of your posts today! Keep them coming! Second, Kenidi is so incredibly adorable. I think she needs to join us for our girl lunch on the 12th! (Brennen is quite the handsome one, too) Third, if I were moving to the southside I think I might seriously buy your home. It's gorgeous. And finally, any news on the AGD Girls Getaway?

OK, one more thing....I was laughing so hard at your comments yesterday! White out on the true! Ha!

Love ya!

5/29/2008 7:52 PM  
Blogger Hipmomofboyz said...

Looks like the kids enjoyed the trip to Cold Stone. That place has the best ice-cream ever.
I hope you have a great start to your summer. We still have till next Wed, before the boyz are home and the taxi service is in full swing..

5/29/2008 10:29 PM  
Blogger MamaMia said...

Mmmm...Cold is the best! Good way to start the summer off.

Your children are beautiful.

5/30/2008 2:29 AM  
Anonymous Melinda Riemenapp said...

Hello! I just have to tell you that I am one of your biggest blogger fans. I enjoy reading your blog and hearing all about your family each and everyday:) Thank you for that. And you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I made a prayer request at my last bible study
that everything works out for little Kenidi. She is an angel.

Thanks for sharing your family with me:)
Melinda Riemenapp

P.S. I also NEED to know where you got those adorable shoes. My
daughter would love them!!!!!

5/30/2008 8:29 AM  
Blogger PamperingBeki said...

That looks like a fabulous day!! Good job mom. :)

5/30/2008 1:28 PM  
Blogger Dancing Queen said...

We are SOOO on the same track...the kids and I headed to Marble Slab Ice cream(basically the same as Cold Stone)after school on Wednesday & enjoyed eating such yummy creations! Love surprising them with little treats like that...makes you feel like you're mom of the world!

5/30/2008 5:06 PM  
Blogger Stacey Moore said...

congrats on being out of school!!
we still have 8 MORE days :)

5/30/2008 10:44 PM  

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