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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Just a couple of pictures to share with you on this beautiful Thursday morning. Yes, it is supposed to be sunny and 71 degrees here in Indiana today. It's a miracle - I know! However, on the day that it is supposed to be so nice out, wouldn't you know that I'd have about 50 million appointments indoors today. Guess I'll enjoy it as I'm running to and from my car - in and out. Better that way than with pouring rain, eh?
With that said, here are a couple of pictures from yesterday afternoon before Kenidi went to school. I tried to get shots of her wearing her new braces/inserts but I just couldn't see them all that well in her long skirt yesterday. That in itself, is nice. A couple of them turned out pretty cute so I thought I'd post them here. As you can see, she has to wear tennis shoes with her braces. Therefore, it drives me nuts when we have a cute little outfit and she can't wear her cute little sandals and such to school with the outfit because of the need to put the braces on with tennis shoes. Tennis shoes are really the only thing that will fit over them.
Here she was hiding her belly button from me. I do this sometimes to get her to laugh in photos. Thus, why she is always looking down toward her stomach a lot.
She's a hoot!
Speaking of pictures, I wanted to share this shot of my Dad with you all this week too. My Step-mom, Cathy, gave me a framed 5x7 picture (the one you see below) of my Dad and we just love it. It's one of the best pictures of him-ever! I have it perched right here on my desk in front of me. The photo was taken for their church directory and it turned out wonderful. Cathy got one for her office at work too. We love ya Dad! Your such a handsome stud-man of a Father. :) As for now, I'm off to start my day and tackle 4 different appointments this afternoon before going on to sign Kenidi up for Kindergarten this evening. Should I not return and post to the blog tomorrow, you'll know its probably because they took me to the looney bin when I began to throw myself on the floor in the middle of the school and start whaling hysterically. :(
We've got dinner with my father in law, brother in law, and his wife tonight. Therefore, I'll just go stress eat with them after she is all signed up. Ha ha!
Have a "fantabulous" day! Much love, Angie


Blogger PamperingBeki said...

Oh I bawled like a mad woman when I enrolled my dd!

She looks gorgeous! I love that outfit.

4/17/2008 4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey there, its Payton's mom, Kathy in Knoxville again! Great pics of Kenidi!

Thinking of you tonight while you are at kindergarten sign ups . . . . I will send out a search party to find you if we do not hear from you by 10 a.m. tomorrow! :0)

4/17/2008 6:16 PM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

What a doll Kenidi is!!!
Just thinking about Kindy gets me misty-eyed. We have one more year, and I am trying to savor every minute!!! Be strong!!! :)

4/17/2008 11:01 PM  

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