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Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Have you ever had one of those friends that are just so sweet you just want to eat them up? They are the type that would just do anything for you at any time...Well, thanks be to Melissa for standing in line at Toys R Us last Sunday while we were in Florida so that she could get us a Wii for Brennen. She knew we'd been on the hunt for one but had been unsuccessful in finding it thus far. We've tried and tried to find Brennen one all the way back to last November. I even looked again for his birthday in March. However, every time I went some place looking for it, they had just sold out of them within 15 minutes. It is just crazy! So, while away on vacation, Melissa made it her personal mission to locate one for me. Low and behold, she called me in Florida and told me that she had been the second in line at Toys R Us last week and managed to get one for us. I kept it a secret until we got home. We wanted to surprise Brennen. So...she and her hubby, Chad, and their son, Bailey (who happens to also be one of the football playing Superbowl Champs from Brennen's winning Superbowl team last season), dropped the Wii by our house last night for Brennen.
Needless to say, as you can tell in the photo above, Brennen is grinning from ear to ear about it today. So, big kudos to you Melissa. We all owe ya' for taking your time out to go on the hunt for me. We truly truly appreciate it and appreciate your friendship even more. You da' best girlfriend!

What would we do without our best girlfriends in life?


Anonymous Nina (FL) said...

My dear, you are the type of friend that anyone would stand in line for!! Your big heart and amazing friendship are gift to all of us who call you "friend"

love ya and can't wait til you are back in FL!!


4/08/2008 2:59 PM  

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