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Monday, April 07, 2008


Well, as I sit here and type this blog post at 9:15am this Monday morning, I'm already counting down the 81 days until we go back to South Florida again. Brent and I truly loved walking into our house at 8pm last night and sleeping in our own bed again. However, the minute we crossed the Florida state line into Georgia...the temps almost instantly changed. With that said though, we did roll in here to Indy last night experiencing mid 60 degree weather and sun. That was a nice change considering the weather we left behind back on March 26th when we departed for our Spring Break vacation. Therefore, with today's projected temps in the upper 60's and sunny here in Indy, I sent Brennen to school this morning in his board shorts and flip flops. He looks straight like someone plucked him out of southern Cali and dropped him here in Indiana by mistake. Ha ha! Hopefully some of the other kids returning from Spring Break will be wearing shorts today at school as well. Otherwise, I'll be noted as an unfit Mom-I'm sure. I too will be boycotting the winter clothes from here on out. I'm going Capri's, flops, and tee's from this day forward. 20 degrees here in Indy or not...I'm so over the big bulky clothing and cold weather. Florida does something to your mental state when there. :)
These are the last photos I have of Brennen and Kenidi on the beach as well as the pictures of Kenidi and I back at the house the day before we left. Here is the little princess herself sporting her "BEACH BUM" halteralls for us.

The last day on the beach was a windy one. It was very deceiving-89 degrees but breezy. It was the type of weather that would sizzle your skin if you weren't paying attention because you never really felt hot due to the breeze.

ABOVE: This was Brent and Brennen at a gas station somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday on our way home. Notice the gray skies and the rain in the background. What a drastic difference it was compared to those 8 days in Florida we had just had. When I say the weather changed as soon as we crossed over the Florida state line, I really mean that.

Either way, we had a fantastic trip with incredible memories. A big thanks to Daddy (The B-Ster) for always working so hard to provide these vacations for us and for making it a point to endure the beach trips even when your skin doesn't love it. :) We appreciate you and all that you do for this family. Even when we razz you about having the cell glued to your ear so much!

Until the next one, "The Seaman's"


Anonymous Sue (Angie's Mom) said...

OMG, KENIDI'S LEGS ARE AS DARK AS YOURS! You guys are black! I see it looks like her little face peeled a little. So cute are her and Brennen. Of course they have beautiful parents. I am waiting on the exact date so I can put in for a vacation in July to go with you guys, ha ha!
Love mommy

4/07/2008 1:15 PM  

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