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Monday, March 24, 2008


Yes, there still are nice people in this world.
I just got off the phone with the District manager from the camera store in Florida. He has agreed to swap out the camera body for a whole new one for me when we get there later this week. Thank the Lord, Praise God, hallelujah! What does this mean for our upcoming Spring Break vacation this week? It means no beach pictures that look like green aliens landing on Mars. (like the example of Kenidi shown above. Yes, it did this to every picture I took.)
This manager even offered to give me that promo that I never got (the camera bag and DVD discussed in the post below) when I arrive. He has also offered to allow me to purchase the warranty-extended service agreement beginning the date I exchange it this week. I typically never buy those extended service agreements but I plan to do that this time in case a problem like this should ever arrive again. If it does, I take it back to one of the Ritz camera stores and they swap it out or fix it for me ASAP. (no 3-6 week waiting time like with Nikon) YAY! What great customer service and what an asset to Ritz this manager is.
So - guess what I have to say about all this....

YEAP....your right:


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