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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hi all. Thank goodness for technology today which provides me the means to send you an update on little Payton Dillon from the laptop on my lap as we are doing 75 down the interstate - as we are crossing over from the Georgia state line into good ol' Florida.
With that said, I just received a call from Kathy, Payton's Mom, and she had GREAT news to report. She had just gotten word from the surgeon that Payton was out of the OR and that they were able to drain the cyst by puncturing it rather than having to put the shunt in. The cyst was the size of an apple when the doctors went in. Now, it is down to the size of a walnut and will hopefully continue to drain on its own. Kathy said that the doctors are very optimistic that the cyst will not "grow again" but it is something that they will continue to keep a watchful eye on. She hasn't seen Payton yet - as she was still in recovery and would be there for the next 40 minutes or so. However, as a Mother myself, you could hear the excitement in Kathy's voice and the need to just be able to see Payton now that this is all over with. Apparently the surgery was a lot less invasive than one would imagine. They shaved only a small spot of her head on one side and made a tiny incision in an effort to reach the cyst. Payton will remain in the hospital for a couple of days for observation before they release her.
All in all...the only words I have are PRAISE GOD!
I watched numerous prayer chains and countless amounts of people pray for this child over the past two days. God was at work thru these individuals and thru these doctors. It was very evident. I've received so many great emails from my visitors to this blog stressing how much they are thinking of Payton and praying for her and her family. I know I appreciate that as well as Joe and Kathy. They stressed to me how much the blog and the prayers meant to them and how much it was all a Godsend to them over the past few days. Joe even sent a note saying he was "Speechless" which he claims doesn't happen very often. HA HA!
So, thank you God. Thank you for the peace, the wisdom, the hope, the promises you give us, the ability of prayer, the amount of grace you bestowe upon us, and most of all thank you for such great friends, family, and for such awesome support systems in general surrounding the Dillon family. Once again in my life, I stand in awe of your love and your power.
Go Payton, Go Payton, Go Payton! (We are doing a little dance for you as we drive down the highway.) :) We love you sweetie and hope to see you again someday very soon. Great job on being so incredibly brave and so strong today. You R-O-C-K!!!
PS...As for an update on the Griswald's - oh I mean us...the Seaman's....
We are in route and according to the navigation system in Brent's truck, we are about 5 hours away from Naples, Florida now. Therefore, I'm guesstimating we'll arrive there at the house tonight around 9pm. (beings that it is 4pm now) All I know is that it is 87 degrees and sunny there right now. Bring on the beach!
I'll update again tomorrow. (with hopefully some photos from my camera)
Thanks again for everything! GOD IS GOOD~ALL THE TIME!


Anonymous McDonald family said...

Praise God!!!!!! God Rocks!!!!!!
Our prayers will continue to go up for this family.
The McDonald Family in Greenwood, Indiana

P.S your clothing line is wonderful! We have 3 girls I could see them in these things.! I am always looking for something different.!

3/28/2008 9:21 AM  

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