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Monday, February 04, 2008


Sarah, Sherry, Me, Diahann, & Lori

Brent & I threw a Superbowl party at our place and had a great time with dear friends. The Pats vs. Giants game made for an awesome Superbowl to say the least. Here are a few photos of our night and our friends that I thought I'd share with you all. Too fun! Too fun! Lori, Diahann, Me, & Sherry
Frank & Krissie
Frank, Trent, DennisDiahann & Sarah
Brian & Lisa
Trent & Lori Diahann & Dennis Aubree, Brad, Amanda, & Wes
Wayne & John (Two of our neighbors. Their wonderful wives were at home with the kiddo's because babysitters were so sparse last night)
Sarah, Lori, Krissie
Chit chattin'
More chit chattin'
Some of the gang Lori, Krissie, Di, Sherry, and Sarah Some of the girls All of us girls at the end of the night...
Dennis, Sarah, and Sherry playing a little b-ball
And I saved the best for last Di....
You being silly! Love ya girl!

I'm off to therapy with Kenidi Grace this morning. I'm dragging after being up so late last night so I hope my body kicks into gear here at some point or another today. I dispise Mondays!
Much love, Angie


Anonymous Krissie Broaddus said...

Great pic's ..Thanks Ang! Thank you so much for having us, we had a blast!! GO NY!! Yippe for lil' pay pay!!!

I hope your enjoing your eve after a long Monday!

2/04/2008 9:04 PM  

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