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Monday, December 17, 2007


Well, Christmas time is here. That's for sure! Brent and Angie have really thrown everyone out of whack this season with our plans to take the kids and be on vacation over Christmas. Therefore, we did 4 - yes 4 Christmas celebrations/get togethers this weekend in order to spend time with family members before we leave for our trip this Friday. So...I thought I'd share some or LOTS of those family pictures with all of you. The top or first photo is just one I snapped while at my Mother in laws house Saturday night. It is of her mantle. I looked at all of those stockings hung there and couldn't get over how much the family has grown in the almost 14 years that I've been married to Brent and "in" his family. It's a wondrous thing. What a blessing to be affiliated with all of those loved ones whose names grace the top of those stockings. An even bigger blessing for me is that I'm able to call them "my family" too. The photo below was taken at my Dad's house last night. (Sunday evening) It's of Kenidi helping her Great Grandma Dixie open the gift that her and Brennen got her. Speaking of their Great Grandma, isn't she just as hip and beautiful as all get out. For her age, this woman never ceases to amaze me with her looks. Her skin, her shape, everything! She is so gorgeous for 81 years old!
This is Kenidi and her Grandma Cathy with one of her favorite gifts this year. BLUES CLUES! Brennen used to be in love with Blues Clues too when he was her age. Crazy how these fads stick around so long, isn't it?
Brennen with some kind of pirate "ARRGGG" smile going on here. Ha ha! Don't ask me what he was doing with the squint and all. Either way, this is his cool new radio controlled truck from Papa Tony and Grandma Cathy.
Brennen with his new helicopter.
One of Brennen's favorite gifts, his Tennessee VOLS football. Aunt Patti got him this and he loved it. Ironic how one of his favorite players is on the TV in the background when this was taken too. My Dad had the COLTS game playing on their TV while we were opening gifts. Too funny! GO PEYTON! YAY COLTS!
Brennen with a new PSP game from Papa Tony and Grandma Cathy.
Kenidi helping her Papa Tony (my Dad) open one of his gifts.
Kenidi hanging out on the bench.
Kenidi trying to wear her stocking on her head.
Brent trying to prove to little Lily that he can play the piano.
Brent trying to melt the girls hearts. (Kenidi and Lily)
Brent and myself - still being goofy together after 14 years of marriage.
Brent told me to sit down so he could be my "Nick Lachey" and play the piano for me. Ha ha!
He and I in his Moms kitchen.
Kenidi playing Grandma Debbie's piano.

Brent with his Step-Dad, Ron
Brent with his brother and his brother's fiance' while opening a gift with Kenidi Grace.
The whole SEAMAN/SITZMAN/ZARGARIAN Clan (minus Papa Ron-he was snapping the photo for us. Thanks Papa Ron-we love ya!)
Brad and his fiance' Aubree. Only 12 more days until the wedding!
Brad, Aubree, Brent and myself
Kenidi opening her really big gift from Grandma SueKenidi Grace and I at my Mom's house.
Brennen, Kenidi, & me at Grandma Sue's house.
Grandma Sue with her grandbabies
My new little nephew Carter. Isn't he just the cutest little guy?

Brennen playing with the new CLAW gift that his Aunt Jill and Uncle Ken got him.
Brennen with his Uncle Brad
Kenidi Grace flirting with her uncle Brad (Drew-Drew as she calls him) The cousins (Brennen, Ally, Kenidi, and Abby) Brent with his younger sister Jill and younger brother Brad.
Brent, Bradford, and Jill with their Dad...Brad
All of the grandkids with their papa Brad. you can tell, we had a very busy weekend. It was a load of fun and so good to be with all of our family. Nothing compares with family! I am off to finish some shopping today for my own kids so that we can have Christmas with them one night this week before we leave out of town. Brent surprised Brennen, myself, and Kenidi with court side seats to the Pacer game this Thursday night so we'll be going there as a family fun night on Thursday before vacation begins. Brennen will be in his glory!!! He's so excited that he can't see straight. Ha ha! His basketball coach pulled me aside at his basketball practice the other night and asked if they could put him on the ISSA basketball team beginning in January. This is a HUGE compliment to him because it's the 2nd time he has been asked to play on an ISSA team. The ISSA teams are made up of some very talented athletes/kids that are phenomenal players in regular leagues and then are pulled out and placed on an ISSA team with other phenomenal players to make an OUTSTANDING team. However, he will now be participating in three basketball leagues at one time from now until March. Can everyone say the word B-U-S-Y all together now? HA! BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! This means, three basketball games a week as well as three practices a week. I asked him if he was ok with juggling all of this at once on top of school work and he was all for it. Wish us luck. I'm going to need it. I'm also going to need some extra energy, any of you got some to spare???
PS...For those of you who missed my most recent designs that I listed this weekend, scroll down (if you are on my actual blog and not reading this in an email) and look past the favorite find Friday post. Once you are past that one, you'll see the new listings or designs that were completed and added this weekend. I am unsure why the post showed up all the way down there - before older posts when it is actually a newer one. Either way, it's there if you'd like to scroll down and take a peek.
Blessings, Angie Seaman


Anonymous Ellie said...

Enjoyed the photos, my thumbs made your blog! I will share them with Brad. Brent looked much more awake at mom's than at Jill's. Is that a good thing?? ;-)


12/17/2007 10:45 AM  
Anonymous Nina said...

Hi Angie,

Looks like you all had a fabulous weekend!! Love seeing the pictures of your family. It is amazing to me how quickly the kids grow. We started talking way back when Kenidi was due any moment!! Wow how time flies... Have a fantastic time on your trip. I am about 2 hrs north of where you will be, so your weather should be great!! One of these days we have to get together when you are in FL.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and of course Safe travels!


12/18/2007 8:06 PM  
Blogger PamperingBeki said...

I absolutely LOVE those polka dot overalls on your little sweetie. :) She's just a doll.

12/27/2007 8:36 PM  

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