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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving

I have had numerous emails recently from my customers asking about when I'll be listing Brennen and Kenidi's resells as well as any of my sample designs again on eBay. Well, as promised...I'm currently in the process of doing that now. I started today by listing a few of Kenidi's pre-owned shoes and will then follow with some of her coats and jackets. After that, and after the Thanksgiving holiday, I plan to get started on the sample sale as well as her boutique resells from other eBay designers that I've purchased. Some will be winter items and others will be Spring designs. I have a HUGE variety of things to list and I suspect it will take me the next couple of weeks to get them all up and on eBay. I have a whole closet full of items between her and Brennen's things that need listed. They are in massive piles and need to go-like now. Therefore, if you are one of my resell buyers....keep a watchful eye on it all over the next couple of weeks. The link to view the items is:

You might just want to check from day to day if you think about it and see if I have any new ones listed as the days pass. I hope to do a few a day as time permits. Thanks so much for your great following in always helping me to unload and clean out the closets in our home. Hee hee! I'll leave you with some recent fall photos I took from my car window. They express Indiana at its best during the season. Have a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving. I'll post again in a few days! Always, Angie

PS...These photos below are horrendous. They were taken with my camera phone at a recent Pacer game Brent and I attended with some friends. However, I have been meaning to share them and keep forgetting. (not that you can really make much out of them because of the poor quality) Either way, it was a great game and we played against Shaq. Big ol' Shaquille O'Neil. We had courtside seats and I was able to snap a shot or two of him while there. He is huge when you are only two rows from him. The most exciting thing about the night though was that Helio Castroneves and Julianne from "Dancing with the Stars" sat right in front of us. I managed to only get the bag of their heads all night long but it was still exciting. The camera crews were right in their face all night which has to be so irritating. They actually danced out on the court together after the first quarter. Needless to say, Julianne is simply stunning and even more gorgeous in person than on TV. (If that is possible) They are both adorable together. Sorry I couldn't get better shots for ya. I was so bummed that of all nights...I didn't bring my camera. Figures!ABOVE: Julianne and Helio with the cameras in their face while being interviewed. ABOVE: Big Boy "Shaq!" No other words for him other than BIG!

ABOVE: And my favorite Pacer player, Jermaine O'Neil


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